SPEED HITTER  Major League Baseball Ages: 13 & Up
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For all levels of baseball players wanting to improve their hitting there is nothing like the Speed Hitter.  If you make a bad swing with the Speed Hitter, where you cast the barrel of the bat, you'll immediately know it by what you see, feel, and hear.  The sliding ball will contact the end of the bat well before home plate.  The Speed Hitter acts as its own coach, so when you make that good compact swing from the inside out you'll see, feel, and hear the ball hit directly out in front of home plate which is the ideal contact point.  You'll improve your contact point, swing path, and swing mechanics as you work with the Speed Hitter.

The Speed Hitter works a second way to improve your hitting by increasing your bat speed.  Simply slide the oversized O-ring that sits atop the grip and push the ball to the end of the bat.  Now, make 10 swings as fast as you can.  You'll swing the Speed Hitter much faster than your own bat and by doing so, you'll be incorporating the technique of Over-Speed Training to start increasing your bat speed.  Follow this routine 5 to 10 times a day to develop dramatically more bat speed at home plate.  Then, simply push the baseball back down to the grip and you can switch to working on improving your contact point and swing mechanics.

Through repetitions with the Speed Hitter you'll dramatically improve your hitting and become the best hitter you can be.  Swinging the Speed Hitter is great fun and you'll have a hard time putting it down.

Speed Hitter Instructional Video plus a bonus Hitting Instructional Video by Derek Shelton, Major League Hitting Coach for the Tampa Bay Rays, available for viewing by clicking on the Videos tab at SpeedHitter.com.

LENGTH: 40 inches  WEIGHT: 16 ounces  SIZE RECOMMENDATION: Ideal for baseball players ages 13 and older including middle school, high school, collegiate, and Major League Baseball players.  

SPEED HITTER Major League Baseball Ages: 13 & Up

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